After The Lie
Author : Kerry Fisher
Publish : Apr 28, 2016
Publisher : Bookouture
Translator : nai
ISBN : 1910751812
ASIN : nai
Pages : 314 pages
Country : UK
Language : English
dimension : 5.1 x 0.7 x 7.8 inches
Reader's Review : Kerry Fisher is my new favorite author! I ordered Island Escape for a holiday beach read and was amazed by the story and complex character development in a fun-to-read book. So I quickly bought After the Lie and fell even more in love with this talented writer. I love when author makes me feel like I'm reading about a good friend, questioning my own long held beliefs about human behavior. I wanted to slow down to make it last longer but was unable to stop myself from reading this great story until the very end!
Rating :
4.3 rating
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Description : Your past will devastate your family. But your lies could destroy them. What would YOU do? Sometimes a lie can split your life in two. There is “before”, and there is “after”. Try as you might – you can never go back. When Lydia was a teenager, she made a decision that ruined her family’s life. They’ve spent the last thirty years living with the consequences and doing their best to pretend it never happened. Lydia’s husband, the gorgeous and reliable Mark, and her two teenage children know nothing about that summer back in 1982. And that’s the way Lydia wants it to stay. The opportunity to come clean is long gone and now it’s not the lie that matters, it’s the betrayal of hiding the truth for so long.
Author Details :
Born in Peterborough, UK, Kerry Fisher studied French and Italian at Bath University, followed by several years working as an English teacher in Corsica and Spain before topping the dizzying heights of holiday rep and grape picker in Tuscany. She eventually succumbed to 'getting a proper job' and returned to England to study Periodical Journalism at City University. After two years working in the features department at Essentials magazine in London, love carried her off to the wilds of the West Pennine moors near Bolton. She now lives in Surrey with her husband (of whisking off to Bolton fame), teenage son, 11-year-old daughter and a very naughty lab/schnauzer called Poppy. Kerry can often be seen trailing across the Surrey Hills whistling and waving pieces of chicken while the dog practises her 'talk to the tail'. Kerry has spent half her life talking about writing a novel, then several years at Candis magazine reviewing other people's but it wasn't until she took some online courses with the UCLA that the dream started to morph into reality, culminating in the publishing of The Class Ceiling last year. That book has just been bought by the Avon imprint of HarperCollins - soon to be renamed The School Gate Survival Guide - along with her next book, The Divorce Domino, which won first prize at the 2011 York Festival of Writing for the opening line: 'I was wearing the wrong bra for sitting in a police cell'. Best advice ever received: 'This is fiction, we can skip the boring bits.' Lynn Hightower, UCLA Writers' Program. Read more of her thoughts on life at! Thanks for visiting.